There is something especially fulfilling in rambling around the entire coast of an island. This is particularly true in respect of Malta and Gozo as the coastal routes take you past a wide variety of impressive features, both natural and manmade. We have published the following books describing the walks around the entire coast of both islands.

  1. The Malta Coastal Walk (no longer available)- see note below; and

  2. The Gozo Coastal Walk (click for Gozo Coastal sample).

Each coastal walk takes you around the entire island by a route that is interesting, safe, varied and very enjoyable. The walks are not a uniform sign-posted track but a combination of limestone paths, town pavements, minor country roads and some sections across open countryside.  The route goes as near to the coast as is practical and safe but must of necessity avoid coastal promontories, quarries or land in private ownership. There are some slightly challenging uphill sections but the route, in the main, is along level paths. The walk can be done by any reasonably fit person, and a pair of walking shoes is adequate in all but the worst of weather. The guides include maps and detailed descriptions of the route and the main features to be encountered. Each section includes comments on wildlife, archaeology and geology to increase your appreciation of the many wonderful features to be visited on this pleasant ramble around the coast of Malta.

The Malta Walk of 160 km is divided into 13 sections each of about 12 km, while the Gozo Walk of 50 km divided into 5 sections of about 10 km each. Importantly, there is ready access by bus to the starting and finishing point of each section. Each section of the walks can be done comfortably in a day. The samples of the books give a listing of the sections and the key features (see below) to be encountered along the route.

        The Malta Coastal Walk

·      Valletta and the Three Cities

·      Outstanding sea views

·      Dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches

·      Superb Stone Age temples

·      Nature reserves

·      Forts, towers and churches

·      Wild plants and varied habitats

·      Blue Grotto and St Paul’s Island

           The Gozo Coastal Walk

·      Unspoiled natural environment

·      Azure Window and Inland Sea

·      Superb sea views

·      Outstanding Archaeological sites

·      Tranquil countryside

·      Forts, towers and churches

·      Diversity of habitats and plants

·      Beautiful beaches and sea inlets

Note: Whilst the Malta Coastal Walk is nearly entirely accessible, there are sections which have recently been brought to our attention as being private land. These sections are Bahrija (right after blata tal-Melh) and Mellieha (right after Popeye village). To avoid the private area after Blata tal-Melh area, either keep on going along the coast after this area, or take the upper rought along the cliffs. For Mellieha, you need to take a detour towards the main road and the Sea Bank Hotel.
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