A Variety of Great Walks

Walking is one of the best ways to discover and appreciate Malta’s natural environment, beautiful landscapes and man-made marvels. The archipelago of Malta is composed of two main islands, Malta and Gozo, each of which offers a range of exciting walks. There are few places in the world where walks of moderate distance can bring you past so many fascinating features of environmental, cultural and landscape interest. 

We have published the following books describing walks through rural, urban, coastal and mixed areas on Malta and Gozo.

  1. Malta 10 Great Walks (click for 15-page Malta sample); and

  2. Gozo 10 Great Walks (click for 15-page Gozo sample);

  3. Nature Walks of Malta & Gozo. (click for 15-page book sample)

Malta Gozo

map 1.1

Each walk:

  • Is of moderate length and most can be extended or shortened to suit individual tastes
  • Leads you past a variety of landscapes and features of historical, environmental and cultural interest
  • Is described in detail and is accompanied by a clear map
  • Is supported by a context section which gives an overview of the History, Geology, Plants and Wildlife of Malta and Gozo so that you get a fuller understanding and appreciation of the many fascinating features of its environment and culture.

The books also provide details on practical aspects such as Weather, Safety, Buses, Ferries and Accommodation. The walks can be undertaken by any reasonably fit person with a good pair of shoes. Have look at the samples of our books or read the excellent reviews they have received.

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