When is it best to go walking?
The Maltese archipelago is a group of small islands with a Mediterranean climate. This does not mean that every day, all year round, will be good for walking. The summer months from July to mid-­September are normally very hot, sometimes over 40 C. Most days are far too hot for a long walk. Short walks can be undertaken in the early morning or late evening. Sunburn and dehydration are common so do always carry water, and wear a hat and strong sunscreen.

The months of January and February are cool and maybe rainy and windy. While you can walk in such weather it may not be so pleasant. Always bring a jacket with you and it is wiser to wear long trousers and good walking shoes when rain is around. Some portions of the route are on exposed soil that may become sticky and slippery. In bad weather it is preferable to walk along paved paths and, best of all, to visit Valletta, the Citadel of Victoria, The Three Cities or Mdina, with their wonderful castles and many museums.

The best months for walking are in Spring (March to June) and Autumn (Mid-­‐September
to December). You may be unlucky and get some bad weather (too rainy or too hot) but in general you can expect many pleasant days for happy rambling. Still have a look at the weather forecast before you plan your walk. Consult www.maltaweather.com for a detailed
five-­day forecast.

Some Practical Advice

  • Please help to conserve the clean and valuable natural environment of Malta. Carry your litter back with you and do not pick any wild plants, as some species may be endangered.
  • Follow the set route and paths, without short cuts through cultivated fields or private property.
  • If you find yourself a little lost and having to cross a cultivated private field, do so along the perimeter paths to avoid damage to the crop. If you have used a gate, ensure you close it securely.
  • Remember to bring water, a hat and sunscreen, especially in the hot months.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. In summer a pair of shorts is adequate while in winter and spring, long trousers and a light jacket are advised. Though Malta has a good climate, the weather can sometimes be windy, cold and wet. On such days it is better to walk in a city such as the old capital of Mdina or Valletta.
  • Avoid walking along cliff edges, especially in windy weather.
  • Bring a mobile phone, for safety purposes. In an emergency ring 112.
  • Plan your walk so that you are back before nightfall, as in some areas the path can be dangerous in low light.
  • A simple compass may prove useful.