UntitledCycling in Malta and Gozo

gcmquicklogo-1Many visitors like to enjoy a mixture of cycling and walking and bikes can be hired easily on Malta and Gozo which both possess wonderful cycling routes. Their attractions include stunning landscapes, tranquil rural roads, a beautiful natural environment and rich archaeological and  cultural treasures. Cycling provides enjoyment, exercise and wellbeing, with minimal impact on the environment.


To make the most of your cycling adventure we have published the following two eBooks:

  1. Cycling Malta (click for Malta sample); and

  2. Cycling Gozo(click for Gozo sample);


    The guides include detailed maps of cycling routes together with a description of the noteworthy features along each route. Importantly, the guides provide a listing of outlets from which bikes can be hired as well as practical advice on support issues such as when best to visit, accomodation, safety tips and bus and ferry information. The sections on archaeology, geology and wildlife will add considerably to your understanding and appreciation of these most pleasant islands.

    Both Malta and Gozo offer a variety of great routes and experiences for those exploring the islands by bike. Malta hosts the beautiful capital city of Valletta and other towns with rich archaeological and cultural treasures. Gozo, a pleasant 35 minute ferry from Malta, has its own more tranquil way of life where country roads lead you past small villages, peaceful valleys, picturesque sea inlets and dramatic cliffs. As Malta has no mountains, the routes are mostly along level, rural roads, though there are a number of inclines that combine a challenge with wonderful coastal landscapes. To further enhance your enjoyment, the guides describe the background (historical, cultural and environmental) of the key points of interest along the routes. Allowing time for admiring the sights, each cycle route represents a day’s adventure.

    The suggested routes also encourage you to stop at locations where short walks can bring you to impressive features that cannot be directly reached by bike. The routes are mostly along level roads though there are a number of inclines through coastal valleys. However all the routes can be done by anyone with an average level of fitness.

    To Purchase

    The eBooks are available (for €6 each) from this site. Books can then be downloaded from a link sent to you by email  and Payment can be made by secure credit card or through Paypal.

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