Gozo and Malta offer a wide range of accommodation including luxury and budget hotels, guesthouses, hostels and villas, farmhouses and apartments to rent. The choice of hotel will vary with your budget, the areas you want to walk in and how long you plan to stay.

The simplest way to get a listing of hotels and special offers for accommodation on Gozo and Malta is to log on to the official tourism sites of www.visitgozo.com and www.visitmalta.com or simply Google “Hotels Malta” or “Hotels Gozo”. We have visited many of the hotels on our walks and found them in good order.

The best hotels we have thus far visited for Malta are the Island Hotels. These hotels are excellently located along strategic areas of the coast and offer a wide variety of opportunities as start and ending points for walks. Coupled with a friendly atmosphere, certified eco-friendly services and impeccable, genuine hosting, they are sure to make your post-walking times top notch. These resorts are: